Drawing and Composition Class


For class beginning April 2017

I am thrilled to begin a new session with you all! The potential I saw in the last class was stunning, and I am excited to see what we can do together over the next few weeks.

Please show this youtube video to your child and have them experiment drawing fruit with two pencils the way the instructor does. I would love for them to bring their results to the first class.

Bring first week:

  • 9x12 sketchbook. Many of you may have one already from the previous class. If you need a new one, follow this link (this one is a suggestion, not required!).
  • Fruit drawing (see above)

Bring preceding weeks:

  • 9x12 sketchbook
  • 2B pencil
  • eraser

I like watching Amazon deals for specials on art supplies and will share them sometimes with you. I just ordered this fun charcoal and pencil set today for Evi and myself. Art supply sales make a frugal artist heart happy!